The goal of this E-Commerce site design was to help increase product sales for the client and provide a platform for a newsletter to increase customer engagement and secure more new customers. The owners wanted it to be clean and provide an enjoyable and smooth experience for customers from start to finish.
Chilloutboo Logo

Home Page

The 'Home' page incorporates multiple factors to help increase product sales. A ‘shop now’ button has been added in the header image which draws the attention of customers and helps direct them to the desired pages. The page is nicely broken up with usual information about the store but this doesn't ruin the flow as its in keeping with the sites colour scheme and theme. The websites main colour of orange has been used throughout helping to create the feeling and image of the brand, this has also been achieved with the multi-coloured word 'Chilloutboo' in the opening paragraph. A newsletter signup form has been placed in the footer allowing visitors to subscribe to the newsletter with ease. This has drastically increased the client’s ability to market their products and provide extra marketing opportunities.

Chilloutboo Home Page Long
Chilloutboo Shop Page

Shop Page

The 'Shop' page clearly displays each product with enough space to avoid the page feeling overcrowded yet provides the customer with plenty of choice and information. Sale items are clearly labelled with the ‘sale’ badge and the old price crossed through. This draws the attention of the customer and helps increase the sales of the desired products. A filter system has been embedded on the left-hand side of the page, making it easier for customers to search for a specific product or range, increasing their experience and the flow of the site. Lastly a navigation button has been added at the bottom. This spreads the products over multiple pages, helping to compliment the clean look of the site.

Product Page

The 'Product' page highlights all of the key information of the products, customers are able to select varying sizes and quantities of the product and then seamlessly add them to the basket. A size guide has been embedded within the page to help provide sufficient information and detail to the customer. The product information and product images are laid out clearly and concisely. This provides the customer with a pleasant experience and makes the page look clean and efficient. Related products are located at the bottom of the page to help draw customers attention and to increase sales volume.

Chilloutboo Product Page
Chilloutboo Contact Us

Contact Page

The client wanted visitors to be able to contact them quickly and efficiently. Embedding a contact form within the site has allowed for this, providing visitors with a smooth and easy way to contact the client and allowing the client to collect the required information. The responses are sent directly to the specified email address of the client, which ensures a seamless communication process. This reduces response times and improves the customers whole experience of the company.

Other Projects

The original Sermaine Counselling site had been created with old software and was looking tired and outdated. The owner wanted it refreshed with a new sleek modern design, more fitting to the counselling industry. Cleaning up the content improved the user experience, traffic and rank.
The goal of this website was to establish interest in a new training provider, enable prospective students to easily find information and enrol onto courses. The owners wanted it to be fresh, modern and as interactive as possible.