Healing Minds Practice

The goal of this website was to provide a central point for prospective clients to be able to contact the business. The owner wanted it to be clean, user-friendly and provide a smooth, painless experience for clients.
Healing Minds Practice

Home Page

The client wanted the 'Home' page to be clean and crisp, allowing visitors to the website to be able to easily find what they are looking for. The colour scheme throughout the website reflects the clients logo, providing visitors with a pleasurable, professional experience. The hero image sets the tone for the website, the calming picture draws you in and relaxes you, hinting towards the benefits of counselling. Visitors are then met with a welcome message and profile picture of the owner, this provides visitors with a friendly and personal feel. The 'Services' section clearly shows what is on offer in a clean and precise way. Below this is, a section that shows how the business can help potential clients and takes them through to a page that will expand on these points. There is a review section, which has comments from previous clients, this puts visitors minds at ease as it shows the business is trusted. Lastly, a section relating to asking questions, this makes visitors feel cared for and shows that the business wants to help, a button was inserted here which takes them directly to the 'contact me' page. The footer contains useful links for visitors, the logo and also the businesses professional memberships, this provides a visitors with the feeling of professionalism, as it shows the business meets the required standards that have been set.

Healing Minds Practice Home Page Long
Healing Minds Practice About Page

About Me Page

The client wanted to provide as much detail about them and their experiences to visitors, to highlight the human nature of Counselling, this provides visitors with an immediate connection. The hero image is actually a photo of the clients home town beech, this makes it extremely personal and shows the caring nature of the owner. The second section explains how the practice works, provide visitors with information with what they should expect from counselling and how the business works. the business logo was used as a background for this section to provide continuity and further increase the sense of branding.

Services & Pricing Page

The 'Services & Pricing' page clearly shows visitors what is on offer and the pricing structure. At first the client gives examples of how and where the counselling takes place and the various platforms that are used. Next is the different types of counselling on offer, these were presented in a clean, crisp manner, the 'more info' button expands to provide more information on each type and then collapses again once clicked (online and face to face have been expended to show how it looks and telephone has been kept collapsed for the purpose of this picture). Lastly is the pricing section, this clearly states the prices of the sessions and a 'book now' button which will take visitors to the 'Contact Me' page so they can book a session.

Healing Minds Practice Services & Pricing
Healing Minds Practice Contact Page

Contact Me Page

The client wanted visitors to be able to contact them quickly and efficiently. Embedding a contact form within the site has allowed for this, providing visitors with a smooth and easy way to contact the client and for the client to collect required customer information. The responses are sent directly to the specified email address of the client allowing for a seamless communication process. This cuts down response times and improves the visitors whole experience of the company. A Google map has been integrated within the ‘Contact Me’ page to allow visitors to see exactly where the location is and for any surrounding stations and points of interest to help plan possible journeys. The client also wanted their contact details such as email and mobile number clearly visible on the page providing potential customers with other methods to contact them. Below the contact details there is an 'Important Support Links' section, this is there to provide support numbers and websites for anyone that needs them in a quick, easy and accessible manner.

Other Projects

The original Sermaine Counselling site had been created with old software and was looking tired and outdated. The owner wanted it refreshed with a new sleek modern design, more fitting to the counselling industry. Cleaning up the content improved the user experience, traffic and rank.
The goal of this website was to provide a central point for prospective clients to be able to contact the business. The owner wanted a one-page site that flowed, allowing perspective clients to get an understanding of the service and being able to contact the owner quickly.