London School of Counselling

The goal of this website was to establish interest in a new training provider, enable prospective students to easily find information and enrol onto courses. The owners wanted it to be fresh, modern and as interactive as possible.
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Home Page

The 'Home' page provides visitors with a complete overview of the client’s website. I have incorporated the clients main logo colours throughout the whole site - orange is used within the menu at the top, purple is used as one of the background colours and the main button colour and turquoise is used in the footer - this provides a common theme and allows for consistency. Each level of course is displayed with information buttons beneath allowing visitors to quickly access their required level. A live twitter feed has been embedded as this vastly increases the client’s connection to prospective visitors and learners. A newsletter signup form has been placed in the footer allowing visitors to subscribe to the newsletter with ease. This has drastically increased the clients ability to market their courses and provides extra marketing opportunities.

London School of Counselling Home Page Long
London School of Counselling Courses Page

Courses Page

An example of one of the courses page - This page provides clear information and details about the various courses the client has on offer. The page makes use of a drop down arrow which saves space and ensures the site feels crisp and clean. Once the drop down arrow is clicked on, it reveals the start time, date and location of the course along with an 'Application' button. This allows visitors to seamlessly apply for the course and helps convert browsers into enrolled learners.

Workshops Page

The 'Workshops' page makes use of spinning tiles. This creates an eye catching look while also offering a great space saving technique which helps draw visitors directly to the desired tile without having to get lost through too much scrolling. Hovering over the tiles will reveal more information on the individual workshops and a button takes customers to the booking page, allowing for a smooth and interactive experience.

London School of Counselling Workshop Page
London School of Counselling Contact Us Page

Contact Us Page

The client wanted potential customers to be able to contact them quickly and efficiently. Embedding a contact form within the site provides customers with a smooth and easy way to contact the client and allows for the client to collect the required information. The responses are sent directly to the specified email address of the client allowing for a seamless communication process. This reduces response times and improves the customers whole experience. Social media icons have been integrated within the 'Contact Us' page. This allows visitors to connect with the company and in turn helps the company with free marketing and brand exposure.

Other Projects

The original Sermaine Counselling site had been created with old software and was looking tired and outdated. The owner wanted it refreshed with a new sleek modern design, more fitting to the counselling industry. Cleaning up the content improved the user experience, traffic and rank.
The goal of this website was to provide a central point for prospective clients to be able to contact the business. The owner wanted it to be clean, user-friendly and provide a smooth, painless experience for clients.