Through The Trees Counselling

The goal of this website was to provide a central point for prospective clients to be able to contact the business. The owner wanted a one-page site that flowed, allowing perspective clients to get an understanding of the service and being able to contact the owner quickly.
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The client wanted a one-page website which would allow visitors to be able to quickly learn about their counselling practice, how it can help them, what services were on offer and an easy way for them to be contacted. This was achieved in a fresh, crisp style. The site flows naturally between the different sections and takes the visitor on an informative journey, culminating in the contact section, allowing them to get in touch with the owner quickly and easily. The site is allowed to flow naturally through the use of the colour scheme, this is achieved through using the colours from the owners logo and matching them throughout with a clear and concise manner. Also the same font has been used for the headings to match the logo. This allows the branding of the counselling practice to be subconsciously reinforced while the visitor is exploring the site. The site starts off with an inspirational message 'Become the Best Version of Yourself' and a 'call to action button', inviting the visitor to want to be the best version and providing them a way of achieving this. Next to this there is the image of a forest, this carries the brand further as it matches the colour scheme and the nature look of the logo. The 'About Me' section follows, this provides visitors with a brief description and image of the owner of the site and allows them to build a connection. The next section explains how counselling can help the visitor and what they can get from therapy. Another inspirational quote is added, this time in the form of an image. The service section provides the visitors with a clear and easy to understand break down of what is being offered as well as the costs and availability, there is another 'call to action button' here allowing visitors to be taken directly to the 'Contact Me' section. The 'Locations' section provides visitors with the two locations the owner operates from, this is clear and easy to to understand through the use of two interactive maps. The owner wanted visitors to be able to see their latest reviews so a 'Testimonial' section was added, this automatically scrolls through a number of reviews allowing the visitor to make an informed decision. Next is the 'Contact Me' section which is an easy to use contact form, this is beneficial for both the owner and visitors. Visitors get an easy was to contact the owner directly without having to leave the site and the owner gets the message sent straight to their business email. The owner wanted help numbers at the end of the site for anyone that may need them, so a 'Crisis' section was added. Lastly the footer contains the logos of the profiles such as social media, directories and memberships that the owner is part of, clicking on these images will take the visitor to these sites and reinforces that the owner is reputable.

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Other Projects

The original Sermaine Counselling site had been created with old software and was looking tired and outdated. The owner wanted it refreshed with a new sleek modern design, more fitting to the counselling industry. Cleaning up the content improved the user experience, traffic and rank.
The goal of this E-Commerce site design was to help increase product sales for client and provide a platform for a newsletter to increase customer engagement and secure more new customers. The owners wanted it to be clean and provide an enjoyable and smooth experience for customers from start to finish.